A black cat gently placing his paw over the hand of a human using a computer

Lessons in learning web development

Jul 6, 2019

These tips I wrote to my fellow coleagues learning the way into web development. I hope it’s either useful or entertaining.

The Web is a wild and young forest. We are constantly trying to make it greener and more accessible without burning it so much. It’s ok to feel lost, we’re still digging into it.

It’s best to not be afraid to try things out even though they seem lame in the beginning. Actually, anything you build will be as good as it can get in the given time - never perfect. We embrace new technology because we feel the urge to. If the technology we are using is perfect, then there’s no need for a change. Everything we have so far is paliative, so why should what you create be any different?

A bet is set, react or die
The vue progressively bids the dice
The strength that’s left falls strangely angular
Will slowly burn from flames to ember

If I have no path to follow, any path work. Often, we are presented with a new path in which everyone with a respectable reputation seems to be taking. That can lead you to believe you should be doing the same. You can get in a marathon, trying to keep track of it all. You can keep your path, but feel like a outsider. You can also quit the nonsense and enjoy the journey.

The green is red
The column is row
The footer’s strangely overflowed
it’s absolute
the parent too
is close to doom
When nothing seems to work
I have this battle sorted
Well, everything is !important
Everything is important!

Be aware that you cannot write a letter if you don’t understand the language. Learning how to use a tool will only take so far. You shall face problems where the tool will fail. You may need to adapt it or build a new one. How will you do that without knowing the fundamentals? If you understand the fundamentals of things, you can work with anything.

I run the long run
The errand does not console
Around the clock
The path is blocked
The quest it’s still not done
    [Tell master the overrun]

Each hour can be an intense, never-ending quest for the right answer on Stack Overflow. You shall work overtime to compensate your lack of knowledge and perceived slowness compared with your more experienced colleagues. You might take the risk and learn that your body is not a tool, it can burn. You need time to fail and help to learn.

The gracious trees I have inverted
Have not award me apart from mortal
Although I fight, persirst and cry
The giving div does not align

Eventually, you can get yourself into playing the full stack part - the one that holds the hammer and the bow. You shall have fun trying to make your superiors understand that you cannot throw the arrow while striking the hammer. Superiors usually think both things can be done and mastered at the same time.

Your intelectual work makes the company you work for really rich. But make no mistakes: you’re replaceble to them. Companies take care of their business, you should take care of yours too. Make it grow. Make it show. Don’t be afraid leave when the time comes. The experience and friends will remain.