Jackie Cardozo

Front-End Developer

I like to build stuff and make them look appealing, interactive and accessible.


  • A black cat gently placing his paw over the hand of a human using a computer

    Lessons in learning web development

    These tips I wrote to my fellow coleagues learning the way into web development. I hope it’s either useful or entertaining.
  • The characters Totoro, Satsuki and Mei on the Bus Stop scene from the animation My Neighbor Totoro made with pixel art

    Creating pixel art with CSS Grid

    Would you imagine successful games and design concepts becoming so popular because of a limitation? That’s what pixel art tries to achieve - the fe...
  • Vector design of a smiling girl with colored hair wearing glasses

    TechGirl: Manual de Sobrevivência

    O TechGirl é um evento de tecnologia voltado para meninas de 10 a 12 anos, realizado pela Valtech com patrocínio da Sitecore.Esse artigo é uma re...


  • PixGrid


    Pixel art editor to help you create small HTML sprites and animate them with CSS.